Stainless steel head

Horse from the Red Earth

Broighter Boat II

Cruciform mirror

St Brendan’s Boat

Three men in a Boat

Carraholly Group

Little Green Bull

Caspar’s Horse

Little Blue Horse III

Little Blue Horse II

Little Blue Horse

The Horse from the Red Earth

Irish Aviation Awards

‘Sentinel’ a Commission for Westport.

Dining Table & Chairs

On the third day

Amergin Co Kerry.

Millmount Pinnacle

Spiral Wall. Park West

The Shaft of Light

The Wounded King

Bord Bia (food board) Award

Women Entreprenneur Award

Galway Business Women Award

Galway Tribes Award

Joan Nolan Golf Award

President’s Award

Heinrich Boll Award

Six Napkin Rings

Little Red Horse

Three men in a boat

Glass Pyramid Boat